My boyfriend always has guys nights on the weekends?

My boyfriend and I have been officially dating for 4 months. We're in our late 20's/early 30s. When it comes to the weekends, he always wants to go out to the bars with his guy friends and never makes plans with me. We see each other on week nights, but we're both tired from work. I understand the need to have guys nights, but not every Fri/Sat night. I want to be part of the fun too! I like his friends, and I don't understand why our groups of friends can't all go out together. I've brought it up with him before, and he feels that I'm being unreasonable and thinks that I never want him to hang out with the guys. Not the case. I just want to go out, have fun and socialize with him. He says that he will try to include me more on the weekends, but I still get the feeling that he sees me as a ball and chain. Is this a communication issue? What should I do?


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  • This is kind of a difficult situation.
    A guy generally does not see a difference between seeing you at night or going out with his friends. What I mean is, one thing is the same as the other. So if you tell me you're going out during the week, lets say you see each other 3-4 times during the week, even if you're tired from work. In his mind he still sees you more often then his friends, so having a night out with his friends is his way to keep in touch with them. Boys need some time off their girlfriend, sometimes we want to talk about you (girls) with our friends and since he doesn't want to be texting with his friends while he is with you, he needs this alone time with his friends. Think like this, his friends are not around when you are together during the week. Just let him have his night out with friends and ask him if you could do once a month or sometimes something with his friends, just let him have most of his weekends, but show him that you would still like to spend more time with him and his friends. After all you're not only his girlfriend but also his friend ;)


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  • Have you met his friends?