Could a bad relationship screw me up that me?

My girlfriend says that she really likes me and cares, and is serious about our relationship. Sometimes I will believe her but that only lasts for like a day! Could past bad relationships have screwed with my head that much? To where I don't believe her? She hasn't ever shown me reason to believe otherwise, but I still always have this feeling!

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  • Well, do you feel like when your with her that your constantly comparing your last relationship with this new realtionship or you thinking about your last relationship a lot? Or are you feeling any hesitation or fear to do certain things in your new relationship? If these are true, then there's proably a chance your still feeling things from your last relationship, which could affect you in your new relationship.

    • Damn, I do hesitate with certain things.. What should I do?

    • Well it depends on what it is. Ask yourself why you hesitate, is it cuz of ur last relationship or is their something new to you happening in your new relationship that your not use to. Like for example, in ur past relationships if the girl wasent nice to u but this new girl is, you would be thinking your not use to this & think whats the catch. You would feel hesitant towards her cuz ur afraid she will eventually be mean like the others. So my point, if its something from ur past holding u back, make a conscious decision to let it go & forgive so it won't mess up your new relationship. And if its just something new to in your new realtionship, that ur unsure about it , such as for example like moving into together, than thats normal to be a little hesitant cuz its a big new step ur taking. If you can recognize whats the real reason why ur hesitant then u will be able to come up with a solution. Sorry for long answer. Lol


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  • Yes it could. But you have to remember just because your previous relationship sucked doesn't mean this new relationship will. Everything happens for a reason. All the heart break happened for a reason and you can't close yourself off to love. Just accept everything that I coming your way.

  • Why worry take life one day at a time


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  • yeah it could. a really bad experience could potentially ruin the rest of the experiences you have in the future.