I feel too unattractive for my boyfriend. need advice on how to cope?

My boyfriend and I have known each other for our entire lives and he use to practically live with us when we were kids. He stayed every summer and every weekend during school. We were the weird kids who were avoided by everyone and so we only had each other for the most part.
Well when we both started to hit puberty, he bloomed into a very attractive young man, and me into a not so attractive younge lady. He suddenly had all kinds of girls who didn't really care how weird he was because of the way he looked.
This is why I found it a shock that he wanted to be my boyfriend.
This is the thing that gets me. He told me that I have a nice face and an amazing shy and kind-hearted personality.
I am kind of a bigger girl (not fat, just a little chubby) and he said that it doesn't matter to him, although I think that it is somewhat untrue. I'm less embarrassed about my weight and more so about my proportions. He is a big boob lover and I have a small b cup with my areola covering half of my boob and they are puffy too, so they look horrid and repulsive when they aren't erect. I have nothing to compensate for it either because my butt and hips aren't that big either.
I am not worried about him accepting me for what I am because I already know he does, it's just the heart-wrenching thought that such an amazing and attractive guy has to "settle" for less. We have never had sex, but we want to, and I want him to be attracted to my physical appearence. I know that looks don't matter as much as personality, but even still, no woman wants to feel unattractive in an way to their man, and I feel as though I am to him because the only thing that he ever called beautiful was my face and personality, and when I told him about my self concious issues he said that he would accept anything about me, never calling the entire me beautiful.
Can I please get some good advice on how to cope with this or maybe even just get over it completely?
Thank you.


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  • This is very dangerous thinking. The truth is he has chosen to be with you and not someone else for a reason. He cares about you and wants to be with you and that should be the most important thing.

    My ex did this to me before, she broke up with me telling me I deserve better and doesn't see how I could be attracted to her. No matter what I told her she had her mind made up that I couldn't possibly find her attractive. Over time we both slowly got over it but she stressed the point things would never be like they once were because of what she did. I agreed with that because it put me through a lot of hell wondering what I did wrong for a long time. But it would never change the fact she did that, and I knew she was never going to change her mind in that regard.


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  • OK, STOP. Looks aren't everything. And any man who is only with you for your body doesn't truly care about who you really are inside, as this man clearly does. He sees something desirable you, why question it? Is it really so hard to accept that he finds you beautiful even if other men don't? Or just maybe, looks don't matter to him, and he feels you're beautiful on the out because you're beautiful on the inside :) Just focus on taking care of yourself, and being healthy; he will appreciate that.

  • I agree with the other two ladies here. If you're that uncomfortable with your body, change it and be the woman you want to be. Your boyfriend seems very sweet and kind hearted. He accepts you for you inside and out. Stop belittling yourself for the sake of looks.

  • I think you shouldn't worry that much. He loves you as you are. And it is a really sweet story. :-)
    But to be honest, if you don't feel comfortable with your body, then do something about it. Not for him. But for yourself. To feel more confident and attractive. Because if you feel sexy, he will for sure find you sexy.
    Just go to the gym, buy new clothes, change your hair, buy some super sexy underwear. Change how you see yourself. Be the woman you want to be!

  • Look he chose YOU not someone else you
    He told you IT DOESN'T MATTER he thinks you are beautiful now go and work your self esteem more cause I think everyone is beautiful someway (lol I know I know)