I feel like I may be too immature?

as soon as i hear about a girl's sexual past, i automatically have a different image of her, for some reason i lose some respect for them


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  • Well, the fact that you acknowledge how immature that is speaks for you. Really though, just don't ask. You can't expect someone to have not had any sort of relations before you if you don't hold the same values. If you're interested in girls who are squeaky clean, hot tip: They're not going to give it up for YOU, either.


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  • Depends on the girl. I mean if she has loaded sexual past, I can understand. But if she lives like a grown up person with normal sexual desires and yet you make huge deal about it, then it is a problem i think. It shows that you are not ready to accept a woman totally.

    • I can completely agree with that, shows that i still have a lot of growing up to do

    • That is still great actually. Even trying is great. All of us have lots of growing ups. No worries

  • I think that makes perfect sense if she's been around, you wouldn't want someone that could move on from you really fast but it also depends on how long ago her last relationship was, if it was a while back then you can expect that she's changed and you might want to give her a chance.

    • it doesn't have to be an extensive past, just hearing that she did stuff with a previous guy gets to me for some reason, even though i know it's inevitable considering it was a relationship that lasted a few years

    • Oh, I don't know what to say but if you really like her I don't think you should worry about her past, look on the bright side, she's a respectable person and she's not afraid to commit. It's just that she chose the wrong guy before and it's over now.

    • yeah you have a point, and i think i still need to mature before i can get into a serious relationship

  • Does the same thing happen when a guy who is a friend or whatever tells you of his sexual past? Do you have a different image of him too? Also, maybe this girl is telling you because she is trying to be honest with you.. Doesn't mean she is proud of her past. Most girls lose their virginity at the age of 16.. Think about that

    • i feel like maybe i'm being hypocrytical, because i've messed around too, but just hearing it from a girl i have interest in, makes me feel different about them, and when my guy friends tell me, i find it normal

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  • I can relate to that. I don't think its immaturity really. It's simply more of understanding a person based on their past experiences.
    Take for example; if I were to know a guy who seemed regular, did regular things had a regular job, you know, nothing really special or interesting about him. Then later find out he fought in the Marine Core, my views for him instantly change. Now I can guess what morals and loyalties he has, or maybe even his character. Same goes for a girl who's had an active sex life in the past. This actually did happen to me btw, and ended up being good buddies at work.

    I'm assuming you're a virgin or someone with little sexual experience. Nothing wrong with that (being a virgin myself) that said, this can lead you to have a different mind set on the topic of sex and overall girls who have it. Trust me, one who's had a ton of sex wouldn't give a dime about a girls sexual past lol. They would be too busy trying to get it.

  • Having your own preference doesn't make you immature.