I need to sweep this girl off her feet in literally 3 hours?

I have been talking to this girl for 2 months about dating and recently I found out that she had sex with this guy and hasn't seen him since that happened. But anyway she is going to see him at a fair next week and she is giving him the whole week to see if she is over him and I get to see her next friday night at a party because I am out of town till friday morning. She is only giving me 3 hours to convince her to date me. I need tips on how to sweep her off of her feet in that time. I am 17 and she is 16. but I haven't had sex or anything yet. So please give me ideas.


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  • okay I think you should spend these three hours with her having as much fun as you can and bonding as much as you can.but right before the end of the date you should tell her that this guy is a total jerk off and that she deserves better.then you go to miami and let things cool off, you come back and you two really discuss where your relationship or friendship is headed.then you give her the choice of being with the jerk or being with you.

    • Alright I'm coming back from miami that day of the party that I am seeing her at. and she sees this guy the whole week I'm gone so your advice is the best I've gotten from anybody in the past few days and this guy treats her like dirt. the thing is she is like my best friend that is a girl. some people have told me just to give up on her but I'm a guy who never gives up on anything.

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  • be honest and tell her how you really feel about her. that should sweep her off her feet,but honestly if she's had sex with this other guy and she's going to see him that may mean she still carries a torch for him..just be careful.i wish you the best!

    • Thanks that helps but the thing is I'm going to miami next week and she is going to be with him and worried about her. She already knows that way I feel about her. I don't know if I should give her a choice of dating me or not being friends anymore. but this guy is a jerk to her and I hope she realizes that she might screw up if she picks him.

  • it's good to never give up.but let your relationship form naturally.don't force it.maybe she needs the experience with this jerk to mature her and make her realize how much happier she could be with you.


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