She just pretends it never happened?

I've been on about ten dates with this girl I go to school with. We've had a great time up until recently. We had a serious talk about our future the other night. Keep in mind, I really don't mind having serious talks, she does. I plan on going to medical school. She said she doesn't do long distance and she doesn't want to get into a relationship unless it has the possibility of being serious. I mean, I like her, but whoa. I got out of a 3 year relationship last year because I was not ready for a commitment with someone. I wanted to take things slow. I'm not against commitment, I'm against commitment with the wrong person, but I have to try right? Anyway, we were making out, but in the middle of it she pulls away and starts watching tv. I asked why we stopped and she shrugged. I knew it was probably because she was annoyed with me for not being very direct by saying yes or no with regards to staying close to home for medical school. So I said, (insert name), just let it happen. Said out of context, it seems a bit rapey, but anyway... That set her off, she asked me to leave right then. So, I left and said, I'll see you when I see you. I felt really bad, but I was also angry that she just asked me to leave and I wasn't entirely sure why! I apologized via text the next morning (I was in class) and didn't intend to make her feel threatened. Never got a response. Instead, over the past two days, I have gotten 4 snapchats. 3 could have been directed at anyone. 1 was directed at me for sure. SHE COMPLETELY IGNORED MY APOLOGY AND ARE WHOLE ORDEAL. What is her end game?


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  • Ignored your apology because she is just so fustrated with you. Let her cool off. Give her a week if you really care. If not, break up with her.

  • Try and talk to her directly. Tell her that you are not sure, but want to give this relationship a chance. If she says yes, but wants you to stay with her there and go to a med school close by when you want to go to a better one farther away (assuming you get in)... END IT. Since you are already unsure if this is going to work out do not hold yourself back from your life there are other people and since you are fairly young you don't have to be worried about marriage. Anyways if she does love you she will let you go and try to maintain a stable long distance relationship and if it does not work out hey you tried and that is what matters


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