His ex wife is his roommate. I think he's playing me?

I'm 18. He's 57. His ex wife is suppose to be his roommate until she moves into her home that's being renovated. She told me she's moving in 19 days. I get the feeling that this is some sick sex game between the two of them. I accuse him of fucking her. He denies it and says I'm delusional crazy and too immature. He calls me immature to belittle me since he's so much older. Would you let an ex wife live with you?


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  • He is taking advantage of you cause your younger
    if any guy calls a girl what he did you should give
    second thoughts on whether you want be with him
    nope he shouldn't let a ex-wife live with him that's
    just an excuse I wonder if they are even divorced
    he could be full of lies and feeding you ling of bull

    • I've talked to her they're definitely divorced but I think they fuck. I'd fuck him if if I were her.

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    • Awe wow yea it sucks that
      the guy wants his ex-wife
      to live with him you definitely
      need things better with him
      or you need to move on cause
      he is acting like a butt hole

    • Thank You for Most Helpful :) xoxoxo
      I try helping you i hope things are going good~!!!


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  • Your 18 dont waste your youth on an old man

    • I like them :(

    • Its okay too like whoever you want too, just keep your options open.

  • You are a another stupid American teenager

  • You should wait the 19 days

    • Wait to contact him?

    • No. I mean just be normal. He's given you the day when she's moving out. Just chill.

    • Ok. Sounds good.

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  • Oh my bajeezus! That a huge age gap. I'm 21 and my bf is 29. I think even that's a bit of an age gap. Why not just wait until they're done for good? Just to be safe. Maybe find an older guy who's not 3x your age? Maybe 20 's? Early 30's? If he's already belittling you because of your age that's a flag that he doesn't take you seriously enough for a relationship. You are still a little young (so am I) and we're still new to serious adult relationships, don't start out so crazy with some (way) older guy Who's still Technically Living With His (ex) wife. Good luck (:

    • I'm not attracted to men in their 20s or 30s. Way too young. Thank you! I think I'll wait until her home is done.

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    • Wtf... -_- seriously? Well either way good luck hope you don't get hurt. Be careful

    • I know he's attractive and sweet but I don't know why I like just older men

  • Stop being insecure if he was having sex with her in the first place HE WILL NEVER TOLD YOU THAT HER EX WIFE IS HER ROOMATE ;) Your to young to be with a 57 old dude what the hell girl!!

    • I know. I just admire older men a lot.

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    • go to sleep little girl

    • Goodnight

  • Take him on jerry springer. But if it were me I would call him a dinasour and move on to a nice hot young guy that worships me

    • He's nice and hot. I don't like young men.

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    • Thank you

    • Your welcome go show that dick how to treat a woman!

  • Honey you are way too young to be dating him, come on now! This screams of Daddy issues. He is going to use you and control you, trust me I've been there. What's the attraction? Is he hot? Rich? What? Most 57 year old men are rancid!

    • Could be daddy issues. I'm sexually attracted to old men. They don't use and control they're sweet.

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    • Thanks. I have a personality disorder so it could be the reason

    • I'm sorry sweetie - I hope you get some help for that. Life is too short

  • He's old enough to be your grandpa. Why don't you go watch Dora?