Why am I not happy about my boyfriend leaving his wife?

He left his wife after almost 3 years of us being together. I've been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever but I'm really not happy about it. Why could that be and what can I do to be happier?


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  • Maybe you liked how things were before or just got used to them. You were the mistress, you guys had all the fun. You were like teenagers sneaking around and having nothing more than a good time. You got to live your own life, and none of the big responsibilities that come with having a full time boyfriend. Now you might have to become his full time girlfriend, and if it's been three years maybe even marriage.

    • I think you're right. He asked me on a day time date and I was so confused


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  • 1. Separation is seldom a happy situation immaterial of whether you are on the inside or the outside
    2. You may well be a sensitive and emotional girl that makes you feel this way :)
    3. Also maybe subconsciously a thought may be hitting you that if he can leave his wife for you, chances are good that he may leave you for someone else :)

    • He's not going anywhere. He thinks the sun shines out of my ass. His wife was really mean to him and I'm sweet and nurturing and he loves that. I think it may be the emotional thing you mentioned. I'm friends with his wife on Facebook and she's been talking about it and making me feel bad.

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    • :) :) :) young lady, I didn't even intend implying or saying you are harsh, I was merely explaining myself and why I do something :) I don't judge anyone generally and please allow me to assure you that I never did ever intend or did judge you :) SO I didn't say you sounded harsh. All I meant was let's try not to judge :)

      What you say is right about it takes every type to make up the world :)

    • Kalina She didn't know her husband was unfaithful. Obviously. She's a really nice lady to me. We message on Facebook sometimes she's mean to him. He does think the son shines out of my ass that could be why he left his wife and is trying to move to where I go to college and keep his house in my hometown lolol I won't take your advice. Thanks but no thanks.

  • It seems like you have a conscience. That love that you feel for that man was in the heart of that other woman. How would you feel if some other woman took your man from you? What's keeping you from being happy is guilt. In my opinion, set the dude free and you will feel better. Or you can stay with him and feel those feelings of sadness until he cheats on you. It's not too late tho.

    • You just made me feel worse. If I leave him I'll feel worse because then I ruined a marriage for nothing.

    • I guess you're going to have to lay in the bed that you made. I'm sorry you're in this position and it's not entirely your fault, partly his too. Nothing to say.

    • You're nice. Thanks

  • Its called guilt and the way you feel better is to stop being selfish, you got what you wanted and now you dont want it. thats the definition of selfishness

    • Is it too late to be unselfish?

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    • Over my dead body. He's not going back to her. I don't want her to have him either haha He thinks I'm ecstatic about his break up. It's just that deep inside I'm melancholy. I'm going to stay with him just not marriage.

    • As long as your happy, than i hope it works out, but that is a hard way to begin a relationship

  • Because deep down you know he is a leaver. What if someone else comes along, you know he leaves his current relationships for love. So you will never be sure that he might not leave you too.

    That and your conscious tells you that this is a sin. Once married before a priest, it is for life. If you are not married before a catholic priest he was never married anyway and you worry too much.

    I am in the same situation, only if she would leave her husband I would send her back to him. If one made a promise before God it is till death. Honestly I hope God kills him off for me, otherwise I will have to study virology.

    • He's not leaving me. It's not that. She was so mean to him. It took him 3 years because he didn't want to leave her.

  • I hope disgusting americans like you die a painful death.


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  • Your conscience is making you feel guilty for breaking up their marriage, pure and simple.

    • Anyway to get over it?

    • The only way to get over it is to not care that you're the reason they're no longer together, there's no magic cure.

  • Maybe it's because now you're the one that's the main woman of his life and you have fears he will have an affair on you? I'm not judging.

    • It's not that. He wants to spend a lot of time with me now and I dated a marry man to begin with because I'm a busy girl.

    • Maybe it's that you built up the moment so much in your mind that the reality isn't as satisfying?

    • I think so. If it had happened at the beginning of the relationship I would be amped but there was a time where I gave up the dream of him leaving her and I don't care anymore.