Earliest you ever kissed someone & friendzoned? Ever?

So i been seeing this guys. I honestly don't know how he really feels we text like 24/7 BUT we hang out 2x a wk for like 2-3hrs. We just started to hold hands , i held his hand first, but we recently been talking about kissing. So overall, we hold hands but when we talk it's like... He doesn't really like me. Maybe he is nervous. But I'm kinda tired of waiting. I really do like him but i feel like we are dragging now. We went to see them nyc skyline it was pretty romantic but I don't know i feel like it's just drag what do i do. What would/did you do if you were in this position. What should i do. I'm starting to just slowly friend zone him, i feel like he's friend zoning me.

ALSO how long into a relationship did you start to kiss?

... I don't know if this helps at all but he also has not been in a relationship for more than 2 wks


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  • So, if guys were feeling that way, it means, they are not really sure of themselves in the circumstances when hanging out with a girl, so they try to be more cautious and conservative. So, if I was in your situation, I would make him sure that you want the kiss and you want to go out with him. In order for you to do this, you got to be flirtatious with him the next time you guys meet, and at the same time, flirt with him about kissing and going out with him. Then he will notice your flirtatious ways, and he will know for sure that you would want to go out with him and you would want a kiss. Then, he can be secure about initiating those things, because he is sure in his cautious mind that you want it so that he would give it to you since he's now sure and not as much cautious. That's how the way it should work. Now for your last question, usually relationships can vary depending on what type of chemistry a man and a woman have for each other which is dependent on the personalities for both of them. So, relationships lasting for a kiss vary. Some relationships last for a day then usually they will kiss while sometimes, they can take a year (which is rare, but I seen it happen) before they can kiss, which would probably be the max. So, just take your first kiss when you feel that the time is right for you and your partner. Cheers.

    • I'm did though. It seriously flirt with him ALL THETTIME. Maybe he is trying to not rush it but then our text conversation so need to stay at the same. level. I don't know maybe it's my hormones but he also has not been in a relationship with a girl for more than 2 wka


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  • He might be distracted with another girl or doesn't want to ruin your guys friendship? Maybe even he hasn't really get to see how great you really are! Don't loose hope because everyone gets nervous. Being friend zoned is not cool. GET OUT OF IT THE MOMENT YOU NOTICE IT! Good Luck with everything

  • No such thing as friendzone don't feed the myth. Relationships are composed of three parts commitment, passion, and intimacy you have to focus on building all three. Generally speaking the friendzone is just a person that hasn't inspired much passion. I'm not saying that you can immediately change this but I am saying that no one purposefully puts people in the friendzone. And don't panic because things aren't moving fast enough sometimes if you just gun it you'll burn out and crash.


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