I am a Virgo man, who is most compatible with me?

I usually do not believe in superstitious crap, but after reading my horoscope, it describes me almost perfectly. But who am I most compatible with?

To provide more information, I am very analytical, sensitive, strive for perfection, very articulate, very intellectual, and do not sugar coat things.

I am shy, yet I can see right through bullshit. If a woman is interested in me...
... she best be direct instead of giving hints.


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  • Another Virgo. Virgos are practical and detailed people, when two virgos are together they understand the need for detail.
    Virgos display love and affection with giving gifts or trying to create a perfect meal; they try to do something practical perfectly.
    I'm a Virgo, I was with an Aquarias before and it did not work. We tried very hard but how he displayed affection compared to me was totally different. I'm with a Virgo now and much happier; he understands me more.

    I'm not saying Virgos have to constantly be cleaning and tidying btw, but they like to know that something has it's place and won't go weeks without putting it there. They are the sort of people when something hasn't had a place for a long time they go RIGHT, TIME TO SORT!!! :)


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  • Water signs ( Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio ) & Earth signs ( Taurus, Capricorns, and other Virgos... sometimes ) typically can go pretty well together. (But of course it ultimately just depends on the person.)

    one of my first bfs was a Virgo (I'm a Pisces). we were complete opposites in a lot of ways, but still had a really strong attraction.

  • Cancers. I know this from experience lol

  • **Googled it**


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  • You're most compatible with another human being, not a sign.