Do guys get turned off if a girl has a beak nose?

Ok so i have a beak nose, but it looks finefrom the front, butfrom the side it look like a beak nose and is a D shape like,...

Most guys iv seen always dat girl with small noses,

I asked my bf if he thot my nose was fine he its ok, it does make me look like a guy somtimes, even when we get intimant in bed,...

So im guessing he gets turned off froom it...

If you know a aactress called "katrina kaife" she is a indian actress, all my features look verymuch similiar to hers but my nose it bigger from the side.


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  • You look like you, If guys do not like it then they are not the one for you. You should never have to change who you are for someone else.

    • ok,... i was with my bf foe 3 years,. he just admitted that my nose looks weired while being intimant in bed, that i look like a guy somtimes,... i dont want to breakup with him,... but now i feel concoise of how i seem in bed,... and im kindv have this feeling he might leave me,...

    • If he's ready to leave you because of your 'nose', then really, why are you even dating him

    • Agreed nick. 3 year is a long time but its his loss really. Now the question is why would he bring that up during sexy time? Is it possible he found another girl and is using your nose as an excuse? Trust your women s instinct it is rarely wrong.


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  • Yeah, hooked noses are kind of a turn off.

  • A girl who looks like Katrina Kaif with a little big nose? I would do anything to marry a girl with her looks! Beak nose would never bother me :3

  • i don´t think, i´d care so much.


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  • I have a big nose... Not an Indian one, but a long germanic one. It depressed me forever.

    A lot of guys do prefer cute faces, I won't lie. But there is an ample number who find my angular face attractive. Could I get any guy I want? No, but hardly anyone can.