How to differentiate disinterest vs hard to get?

As the question asks, what are the signs of a disinterested female to one playing hard to get?

So you've already gotten confirmation of interest, but the other person knowing that they now have more pull in the relationship either show cases disinterest or starts playing hard to get.


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  • disinterested is she will reply with one word answers and she will not reply for hours and sometimes days...

    playing hard to get.. she will reply but make it subtle and she will reply usually within few hours and it will be more like convo... but if she doesn't wanna talk to you she will just reply with hmmm.. okk... k or watever u know lol


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  • Some time ''playing hard to get'' means im not interested in you in that way and is just a flirty person that is leading you on without knowing that they are.


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  • "hard to get" usually means she's not really interested but would concede if the guy really did his best for her.

    • Hmm, my female friends have disagreed on this. Usually the guy the really like they play hard to get with while having a few other guys to ego boost them/satisfy immediate desire.

      That said, I could see that also being the case, that hard to get is just the back burner option. Either way question is how do you differentiate disinterest vs hard to get.

  • Don't waste your time with girls who are hard to get!

    • Aren't most girls taught to play hard to get though?

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    • Fair enough, but that still doesn't answer my question - not directly anyway :P

    • When a girl plays hard to get, she has slight interest opposed to a girl who is disintersted having no interest!