Should I continue seeing this guy? If not, how do I let him down easy?

I met this guy at a baseball game. I was with some people from camp and this guy was with one of my camp friends. he put his number in my phone and texted himself. lol. then he texted me later. I kept talking to him cause why not? I don't know how to feel about our conversations, they're kind of boring but he is good at keeping the conversation going and not just letting it end. He also replies super fast. Sometimes i won't reply for an hour and he'll reply within two minutes. We dont have much in common except sports, he's a country boy and i'm a city girl. We also live two hours apart. I hung out with him yesterday for the first time and I don't know how to feel about it. it was awkward at times we didn't talk at all, he talked to his familly a lot, i was sort of bored. But then on the ride home he was really cool and I had fun, and found myself wanting him to sit closer. But I don't know if I find him that physically attractive, and I don't know if I like his personality. I"m really confused. Should I keep this thing going or not? His family all met me and they were talking about things that happen like a month or two from now, and I felt bad cause I was like I don't know if I even want to date him. He likes me and I don't want to hurt him, so how do I let him down easy? Or should I stay with him for a while?


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  • No point in wasting your time further if your feelings aren't there. In cases like this, it's rare that you're just going to magically wake up feeling something for him. It's usually something you just feel and know. You can't force it. I suggest sticking to being friends with him. Keep conversations casual and refrain from saying things that could be interpreted as flirting.


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  • If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. Just tell him the truth "you seem cool, but I don't feel any chemistry... I'd like to stay friends only"


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  • I think you should slow it down with him. Just let him know that you need time to figure out where your head is. Once you figure out how you feel, let him know honestly.