Girls would u say yes if a guy asks u out but u dont really know him?

assuming he comes into the store u work at a lot and u've briefly chatted before. or is it creepy since he's basically asking u out based on ur looks without knowing anything about u at all

we're both 24 or something like that


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  • I've gone on an improptu coffee date with a guy I barely knew from work. So maybe, depends on the setting. We had spoken a few times in the hall though.

    • was it just hello how are u or did u talk for a while? and just curious why did u say yes to him

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    • also if he seems more well off than u and other girls find him attractive is that a turnoff

    • i like older men. he had a sexy vibe. but he was a bad boy


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  • Well don't just ask her out.. get her number and talk to her and then in a couple of days u may ask her out.. asking her out right away would make u sound like a creep and no one wants that! :) x

    • sorry how can i get her number wo asking her out and does this change if she finds me attractive Nd already recognozes me

    • Just ask her for her number.. or just give her ur number and tell her to give u a call.. and when she texts u talk to her and get to know her better and then ask her out! :) x

    • Just act all cool! :p

  • It's really up to you , if you feel that its right then yeah ask her. But im pretty sure that most girls would want to get to know you better before you rush into it :)

  • Personally, it takes a lot for me to get close to a person and I would reject any guy that asked me out if I didn't know him well enough

  • No that seems perfectly normal. You said you've chatted before. Nothing creepy about asking her out.

  • No don't ask her out right away. Ask for her number. Talk to her, then ask her out of she's into you.

    I would never say yes to a guy I don't know.

    • how can i get her number wo asking her our?

    • even if u ve seen him. a lot bc he's a regular? what if u find him attractive

    • Nope I still wouldn't go out with him. You approach her sweetly and ask for her number and tell her you want to get to know her.

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