Our friends think we should date. Should we?

There are six people in our friend group but only one is a guy. Everytime he and I start talking our friends say "oh look at the cute couple" or "you two should kiss". They also say that we would be a dream together because we share many of the same kinks. All the people in our group tell eachother I love you and if I say it to him he won't say it back but he will say it back to the others. We both get very embarrassed when they say those things. Honestly I just don't know what to do. (sorry if this was hard to follow)


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  • its less about what we think and more about how you feel about him. Do you want to date him and does he want to date you. dont let others disuade or persuade you.

  • Well, do you like him? Seems self-explanatory.


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