Is it too desperate to ask friends to set me up?

It is very difficult to meet attractive men who aren't already married the second time around. I'm always hearing of couples meeting through friends, which seems ideal. I have tons of friends, but they rarely offer to set me up. Would it be too desperate to ask them if they know someone who'd be a good match for me and if so to set us up?

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  • You don't need to beg them, but you can definitely tell them you're interested in meeting people if they know anyone they think you might be compatible with. They may not be sure if you -want- introductions or not.


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  • not at all desperate and your friends probably would be glad to set you up if they know some eligible dudes

  • Having a friend set you up can be very safe as in the person is already known and hopefully not a creep. Not desperate at all. It is part of being a friend.

  • Not at all, this is a great way and I'm sure your friends would be more than happy to do this as everyone enjoys trying to match people up. They know your personality and what you like etc so there's no one better that could set you up really!


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