I went on vacation across the country for two week sand my boyfriend barley talked to me?

We both live in California and my family and I went on vacation to New York for two weeks. The whole time I was there I barely communicated with my boyfriend. He called me once when I practically begged him too and when he did text me it was just a few short messages before he stopped responding. When we do talk for a short time, he does say that he misses me but he's constantly busy and hanging out with friends (whom I've never seen or met). I feel like he's almost happy that he gets a break from me. I don't know what to do. I miss him like crazy but it seems like he could care less.


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  • "I feel like he's almost happy that he gets a break from me."

    This is most likely true. And it's what all guys are like, or the vast majority anyway. We are naturally better at being independent. And we don't find relationships a source of emotional energy. They are draining for us. We need time apart to recharge our emotional batteries. Sounds like he took the chance to enjoy his life while you were away.


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  • Maybe because he didn't want to bother you.