Met a guy through online dating, things were great, until this weekend?

I met a guy, we dated for a month. Things were great, I really like him, he would always pay, open doors for me, text me everyday calling my baby, honey, sweetheart. Then I went on two trips, one with my mom and with my bff. When I came back we didn't go out as much. He still texted me everyday calling me cute pet names. But this weekend we were supposed to go out twice with friends, and he didn't show up. All of a sudden he stopped texting and won't answer my calls.

I don't know what I did wrong.


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  • Whens the last time you heard from him?

    • He stood me up twice this weekend. Sunday about an hour before we were supposed to meet up he had texted me that he would go.
      I called and he never responded, texted him he never texted back.

    • Time for you to seek out what you deserve. I'm sorry he did that to you. What a scum bag. Dont wait for him to realize what he's missing. If he does happen to try to get back in your life I'd say make him work hard as hell for your attention


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  • I wouldn't be so quick to blame yourself. Could be a ton of reasons that have everything to do with him.

  • Well either he's having trouble, or he's just not that into you. These things happen.


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