Should I take her out in the day time?

well there's this girl i work with who flirts with me like teases me a bit here and there. i never get a chance to actually talk to her because we're always busy and work in difference sections.

i got her number, we texted a little bit and now i wanna ask her out. we still need to get to know each other. should i ask her out in the day time as it is less intimidating and more lighthearted? i was thinking maybe like a cafe or a little bar or something


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  • day dates are a myth of friend zone issues.. Day Dates are great! More fun things to do.. and without the pressure
    of the "is he a jerk that just wants to take me home afterwards?" If you ask a girl out on a day date first to get to know her you are sending her that exact message! that you're a nice guy who is not just interested in sex and is actually interested in her.. night dates that are a first date always have awkward endings with the whole "does he think there's a chance he's getting some tonight?" dealio afterwards when its time to say goodbye


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  • Day Time dating is good choose something you like to do or a place you love to go to cause the girl can get an idea of what you like. Or ask her out and ask if she has a specific place in mind if she says no say then it will be a surprise

  • That would be really sweet! Daytime dates are safer and more comfortable.


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