Does it turn guys off if a girl talks about having kids (in a long-term relationship)?

Say you've been together for a year...

She doesn't want to have kids right now, but she wants them in the future, and she wants to talk about when, how many, etc.


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  • Certainly not. In a relationship you have to be frank and open with each other.
    So if you have a wish to have children, talk about it.
    Imagine you would not do that, since you're afraid his/her reaction would be negative.
    You would have an unhappy feeling. If, months later, you finally find the courage to ask it and your loved one is as enthousiastic as you, it would be a very silly feeling.
    So just talk about it. That always works :-)

    • Thanks for the most helpful! Hope it will really help to sort out a situation :-)


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  • In my opinion, it's a sign that the relationship is going well enough that the lady is thinking about marriage. I think it's sweet

  • no, if she want in future i t willl be ok to wait


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  • From experience, you can bring it up in a light way in convo like "So do you think one day you could see your self as a dad haha.. random question, just curious what your view on it was"... or something like that, keep it light - but make it so you can get a little hint if he does want kids or not.