How do I approach thee or should I?

I'm an African American woman 36 years of age who's very interested in dating other ethnicities. I have dated Caucasian me before but it was in high school and in my early 20's. When I'm out in the field or just enjoying some leisure time I don't seem to attract them. Shall I approach them or let an opportunity pass me by?

Thank you all for your opinions.


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  • I think you can have genuine relationships with people if you look in the right places. Try adult's karate, or martial arts, dance or book clubs, running competitions etc. Do this and start a conversation, talk about something nice and easy that anyone can talk about and would certainly enjoy talking about. Sometimes you find yourself talking the shortest when you're nervous and other times, you'll talk for a long time and it would be a great conversation, but not all persons can ever get the chance to listen to it.


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  • Someone once told me dating is all about the numbers. He was a French guy I worked with in the military, incorrigible flirt. He is right however, he throws his line out over and over. He got a lot of bites, the ones that don't bite aren't' hungry, forgive the fishing metaphor. Don't be afraid to approach others, the rejection is part of the process. It will seem meaningless to you when you hook a big one, again with the fishing metaphors.

  • You will have too do the approaching.


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