I'm going on my first date with him!!!?

so i met this guy on Tinder and we have been talking for a month, and i really like him. We are going on our first date tonight. My question is, as a girl what turns a guy on for first dates? like what makes a god first empression? also what scents turn you on the most? i was thinking vanilla

guy turned out to be a total weirdo, not who i thouhgt he was lmfao! thanks for the advice tho guys! i'll use it in the futrue!=)


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  • Vanilla is quite alluring.

    What makes a good impression of you, depends on you. I can tell you, that for me, skimpy clothes, fiddling with your damn smartphone, or placing too much of your awareness somewhere other than your date, are bad turn off.

    Try to be you in the best possible way, but don't overdo it. Make sure it noticable, that you've made some effort to be attractive for him, be curious, and be open about yourself. Those are turn ons.

    Best first impressions I have had of girls, have been when they've shown me this open affection, that most of you seem capable off. For instance, having a girl look truly happy to see you and then hug you, especially if you've never met her before, melts my everything meltable.

    If you want to take it further, be attentive to the situation, look out for his signals. This is biology. It happens all by itself, unless we suppress it with thoughts and judgements.

    • thank you! i'm so nervous! i'm just going to be myself and have some fun! i'm not the type of girl to dress skimpy or whatever anyways lol

    • I wasn't expecting you to be, I was just listing what has turned me off in the past.

      You'll do very well I'm sure. Just remember, there's nothing sexier than a woman, who is still making up her mind about you.


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  • mmm if its a first date don't go over the top. and for the turn on part, its going to differ from guy to guy so don't listen to anyone's advice on here unless its very general. good impression, ya know smile at him a lot and make eye contact when you do. be interested throughout the entire night, that will leave a damn good first impression. as for scent, anything girly will do lol. but fruity is usually nice.

  • Dress cute but not sexy. Smile and actively listen. Be interested but not too interested. But, most of all, have fun.

    He's probably going to be nervous too. So that's okay.


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  • Wow, you were talking to him for a whole month before you met? That's a long time. :p Dress sexy, but not slutty! :) The guy I just met actually commented that he didn't like my eyelash extensions and that I had too much fake tan on haha... so be naturally sexy. :)

  • I would say just be yourself and don't do anything you'll regret!! Have fun with it but don't be pressured into moving the relationship too fast!!