If you were in a situation such as this, what would you do?

I was visiting my family for my younger sisters graduation 2 months ago. We hung out with these two guys who were brothers and I have been talking to one of them since then. A day before I left for "home" I invited this guy over, we kissed and cuddled, and he ended up staying the night. I live in a different state with my father, but I plan on moving back home sometime in the next year. This guy and I have talked about our feelings and such. We both like each other, and I told him where I live, I do not have any interest in guys. I explained to him how guys do not give me the time of day here, and if he would want me to "commit" to him for the time being until I officially move there, I would. He does not want to try anything until I move there. We both really like each other but it sucks he won't even put any effort on his end. I am making plans to go out for Thanksgiving and Xmas. He brought up the idea yesterday of meeting somewhere in the middle and spending 2 consecutive days together to see how it goes. I am a hard girl to tie down, but with this guy, it's so different. I have had the chance to get to know him because of the distance and I am so much more attracted to him. So my question is, what would you do in a similar situation such as this?



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  • Talk to him more. Get to know him better and be happy that I found someone like him.
    Move there!! :D


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  • Wait till you see him again before you make further plans. You're just taking a risk, so make sure it's one with a reasonable success rate.

  • meet him half way between your places and see how it goes


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