How did you meet your current boyfriend/girlfriend?

And how did you start dating? I'm curious to hear some stories :)


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  • We met online. We had a lot of interesting conversations. We also learned that we had similar childhoods and had similar values. After talking for a few months we when out on a dinner date and we had chemistry. And that's how I met my girlfriend. Weird thing is that we know some of the same people, shopped at some of the same stores, go to the same university and didn't grow up too far from each other but never met once offline before our first date.

    • That's sweet :) How did you guys meet online, if you don't mind me asking? Like Facebook or a dating website?

    • It was OkCupid. If you use the site be prepared for a few creepers. But there some get people on the site if you are patient and cautious. Funny thing is that she deleted her first account because she was overwhelmed with the amount of creepers. Over a month later she started a new account. I quickly recognized her photo and said "welcome back" and we pick up where we left off.

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  • OK, once more... :)
    At the uni, my GF cheated on me a few times, we dumped each other. I asked a nice girl (an acquaintance) out for a show. We went and that was it. Nothing happened then.
    By chance I wasn't without a buck (usually I was broke) and I wanted to go on a trip to get some fresh air. I asked my best female friend, she was in love at that moment, said no. Then that girl asked me if I wanted to be her companion on a trip to Paris. She had asked her best female friend who wasn't interested for some reason.
    I know Paris quite well. We left as friends, two hotel rooms, kissed first time in the Louvre museum, Roman antiquities, a big room overlooking the Seine river, in December. Visited Paris for a week, came back home and started dating. And we're still happy together.

    best female friend


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  • He's my best friend's brother. He always heard about me, but we've never met since they don't live close to one another and they see each other only every once in a while. One day he was going through her phone and saw a picture of me sleeping (which she intentionally took it as means of leverage, haha) and I really don't know how but he grew interested in me and began to ask questions, then one day we met and this progressed from there! :)

  • I met my ex at the library

  • Single now, but... I met my last boyfriend online. We talked for a bit, realized we had similar values (or so I thought), and then we started dating. He ended up cheating on me with his little sister, so.. obviously we didn't have similar values. I'm pretty pessimistic with the whole dating thing right now.. haha.

    • Cheated with his little sister? Lol what the fuck? :S

    • Right? I have really bad luck with men. Haha.

  • I just got dumped last month but I'll tell you about how I met the guy and stuff anyway.
    First time I met him, I thought he was a hobo, he is a graffiti artist, so he was wearing his painting clothes and he had a huge beard on him, I had been hanging out with a girl at the time who he didn't like so first thing he said to me was "Hey call her Fiona from Shrek because she looks like an ogre!" Which was actually true so it was pretty funny.
    The second time I saw him I was hanging out with his older brother who was obsessed with me, he looked much more presentable at the time since he had shaved his beard into a goatee and trimmed it, anyway I realized he was actually really good looking. We were hanging out in a group when everybody just disappeared (off to go smoke a joint). So we ended up hanging out together just talking about random things, he ended up walking me home, I stood there for like 10 minutes talking to him waiting for him to kiss me goodnight because it was completely obvious he was interested in me, but he didn't so I just left it at that.
    At the time I really hated going to school and had been skipping a lot of classes, so one day when skipping I ran into him (he wasn't supposed to even be on school property because he had called in a bomb threat on a dare (I never said he was the sharpest knife in the drawer). Anyways we got caught by one of the teachers and bolted out together.
    We were both still really young (me 14 him 16) and were really into stealing things from stores (never from people or small businesses just the big corporations like Walmart) so ended up going on a spree to see who was better, I won by the way. (: I asked him out the next day and he rejected me! Never saw that coming but after a couple days he came to me and asked me to be his girlfriend and told me he only said no because he thought the guy should be the one to ask the girl out. It was pretty cute in a dorky way.
    After that we became attached at the hip.

    • People even started calling us modern day versions of Bonie and Clyde because of our stealing sprees, well we eventually both grew up as I'm 18 and he's 19 and stopped doing stupid illegal shit then he broke up with me...

    • His brother has also hated me since...