Out of these 3 potential locations where would you prefer a new guy approach and try and talk to you?

so I recently meet this new girl but finding her behaviour towards me varies in each location I see her in , so wondering if I'm going about things right or if there is some places a girl / young women would feel more comfortable than others when talking to a new guy they didn't really know that much.
so 4 options or places I've talk to her so far
- busy / popular nightclub
- quiet hotel/restaurant sit down bar
- busy / patio of restaurant where she works as a server

so vote for location you'd most like guy to approach you at and explain why you don't like others or thoughs on them

  • late at night at busy / popular nightclub
    11% (1)0% (0)11% (1)Vote
  • quiet hotel/restaurant / bar
    44% (4)0% (0)44% (4)Vote
  • patio of restaurant when you are working as server
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • patio/restaurant but when off work
    22% (2)0% (0)22% (2)Vote
  • other please explain
    23% (2)0% (0)23% (2)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Quiet bar/resturant


What Girls Said 2

  • Gym or outdoors like when hiking, dog park etc.

    • she does go jogging but doubt I could talk to her then , the town she lives in is really small no gym there but I could see her liking a gym

  • not somewhere where she works as a server a different restaurant might work but i'd go for somewhere with more of an atmosphere and activity so that it doesn't get awkward quick but not a nightclub that's too busy and loud you might as well go for another place if you can


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