Would you ever date a slightly overweight girl?

I never thought that I would be atracted to an overweight girl. Till I met this girl who is slightly overweight. all guys I know would want to date her because she has a lovely face, Always smiles and has humor. while she seems confident she is not all and does not believe anyone would like her. how would you convince her otherwise?


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  • Yes. I would show her that I like her by first asking her out. Then I would show her a good time and guarantee that she would want to keep dating me


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  • Shape of a womans body shouldn't matter, guys can generally be vain about a girls shape and it's any wonder girls feel unconfident in themselves when males except girls to be skinny all the time... i'm an over weight girl and i generallly don't believe many guys geniuely like me ehter becuse guys say that to try and wind me up, they go like "She's totally fit" sarcasicly... and when with their friends they call me "too fat" and say really nasty things about me... men can be just as cruel as other females. It's got to the point where words are just words until proven other wise, she obviously just wants you to prove to her that your not some guy thinking she's an easy shag just because of her weight, i get a tone of guys thinking just because i'm over weight that id be desperate enough to sleep with anyone... i've had older men just try and stop me near the college here all because i'm big thinking i would sleep with them... so no wonder she doesn't take guys seriously lol. If anyone truly likes her prove it or i don't think she's going to take you seriously for 1 second.

  • Ask her out. It makes me mad that guys even give a damn what other men think of a girl they are interested in. Why do you care what others think if you like her?

    • I agree with Beabea26 Just ask her out! :)

    • This annoys me too, i would definitely not go out with a guy or even give him a second thought when he lets others and society dictate who he is, what he should think and feel, as an over weight girl it's a big X from me. That generally turns me off straight away.

  • you shouldn't bring attention to it or make her feel different than other girls, just treat her as is... just go for it she's not any different than other girls except her personality of course


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