Girls and guys how do you know you like, have a crush on, or even love someone?

Girls and guys how do you know you like, have a crush on, or even love someone? is there a difference between the 3?


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  • When you have a crush on someone, your hormones flare, and you act the way you THINK love is. But a good sign of a crush is if you actually don't have a good reason to have a crush on your crush. Or if your crush doesn't really know you well/care for you.

    When you love someone, you care very much for them, and you'll be willing to make sacrifices for them. You know them very well, maybe to the point to where you have a decent understanding of how they think. What you feel for them is real, and very valid. Even if someone who is better then them in every way comes along, you wouldn't care because you love their flaws. You love the whole package!

    Liking someone is... when you guys are friends? I dunno... my fingers hurt from typing XD


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  • It can be a combination of all three really depending on how well you know the person.. It could be enfatuation. Don't let the looks get in the way of the personality... he might look atractive which is 50 of it but if his personality is insanley bad lol than it completely destroys that. Get to know him..


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  • Love (I've never been in love but I think): You would risk your life for them. You care so deeply about them. You want the best for them very, very much. You are okay making major sacrifices for them. You know them very well and still think they are amazing. Spending time with them is wonderful. You could list wonderful things about them.
    Crush: You keep thinking of them and what you want to do with them (not just sexually)
    Like (Definition depends on how you are using the term: You find them attractive, you wouldn't mind kissing them and making physical contact, you enjoy spending time together