More than friends, but not yet in a relationship? What is he to me?

I've been dating this guy for a while but we aren't yet exclusive. I'm not sure how I would refer to him though. Like, he's not my boyfriend yet, and we are kinda more than friends since we have both admitted our feelings for each other. What would I call him?


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  • you wouldn't really call him anything except maybe he's someone you're seeing


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  • ****special friends**** or something...

  • Friends with benefits?

    • No, we're not staying in that stage. We're progressing towards a relationship.

    • Since I am a smart witty man very quick witted I have even beat black people in rap battles back in my day don't let Mr. Iraqi blond man fool you. Here I just made up this word just now that would fit right into your descriptions and feel free to take this from me and claim it as your own. So he would be your boyfriendiancee, so just like a fiancee when your engaged but not married yet except for this you two are engaged, but he is not your boyfriend yet he is your boyfriendiancee.

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