Do you think he will ever commit?

I've been seeing this guy and we have already told each other that we love each other and I was going to wait to sleep with him until we were in a relationship. We ended up sleeping with each other and afterwards I told him I was worried? l told him I was worried about him leaving since we already slept together and I guess I was worried he would use me. He said he loved me and wasn't going anywhere. I then started to ask him what he wants from me and he was saying how he isn't ready for a girlfriend just yet. I said I wished I'd know that earlier and will he ever want a girlfriend. And he said I do just not right this second and he was saying we will go somewhere he just needs to stop feeling bad about himself because he is a dumb c***. I don't know why he said this, when I asked him about it he said you don't know my past.

I think maybe he doesn't have as much confidence than what I thought. But how am I meant to know if he is just saying all this as an excuse? I'm worried I won't hear from him again and if I do see him again what if he just never ends up wanting to commit, I mean do relationships ever happen if you sleep together before being in one? :( do I hold off sex again?


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  • Don't go for sex again. However his past was, this is present. Ask him to accept you as his girlfriend if he wants your body


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  • dont have sex with again. wow um i understand ask to confide u to find out his past does he trust u yet. i think he needs to tell. something tragic happened to him if its true on what he said. we all make mistakes. tell him its ok and u will love him reguardless.. maybe he could be lieing. ask him to tell u wats wrong.