Does anyone else feel like when they always start to get close to a guy or girl someone better always comes along and that person leaves you?

Every time I get close to a guy it always seems like another girl comes along and swoops him of his feet I'm so tired of it! I would just like to for once be the girl that a guy likes for all of of my attributes and that he is so head over heels for he can't stand it.. I can never seem to find it and I'm just about ready to give up


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  • you just gotta keep going. don't stop trying. you'll meet him. he's coming as fast as he can.. you just have to wait a little longer.


What Girls Said 1

  • When the right guy comes along it will work out, and all the heartache will be worth it. But if you really like someone, don't wait make a move. Life is too short to waste time!