Are you in a senior dating freshman situation or do you know someone in a relationship like that? Or even if you aren't I need advice?

I'm a freshman dating a senior and I just want to know that were not that weird. He says its fine as long as were into each other but I just want to know what other people think and that I'm not alone. He keep saying don't make a big deal about it but I'm just... ya know it feel strange dating someone 3 years older than me. I really really REALLY like him don't get me wrong but I wanna know if its really as weird as some people in out school make it sound.


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  • Its seems fine enough, just think of it as if you were grown ups. ex. if he was 30 and you were 27. Thats not weird at all. I did know someone like that too and no one said things about them.


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  • For most teens this won't work. You are just starting your high school experience, and he's just about finishing his! Your heads will be in two completely different worlds, since he'll be heading to college soon. Plus, as a Senior, he probably has a lot of experience with the ladies, and he may not genuinely like you for you.

    It works for some, but most of the time it crashes and burns.

  • It's not a big deal as long as your in school but once he graduates and goes to college and lond distance relationship are really weird and hard to stay in but if you like and trust him it could work but you have a long hard road ahead of you

    • yeah i know and thats one reason im so worried

    • Trust me it not going to get easier I only had 1 year between me and my ex and I didn't even want to try to make it work cause I new that I was setting myself up for failure

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  • My friend's sister was a freshman and her boyfriend was a senior. She graduated this year and she's still dating him.

    I was a senior and started dating a sophomore... that's kind of the same thing.

    I'm a junior in college and I'm still dating him so I mean... yeah.

    People will think it's weird, but in the end, it's your relationship. You're dating him, not the rest of the world.