Whats does he want... so confused?

I met this guy at a bar on my birthday and we hit it off real quick. We caught each others eye when I first walked in and talked the entire night. It was like we were the only two in the room. He even stayed with me after his friends left and left when I left. I just got out of a long relationship, which i told him about, so I was hesitant to exchange number so he gave his and said to call if i feel comfortable. I called and he was saying about my ex, i think he thinks were still together, and he flat out said that wasn't going to be a relationship. I stated i just want to get to know him and that i wasn't looking for that cuz i think there should be a friendship first. i told him id leave him alone but he said no. Long story i always text first, he always usually answers, except for once. He never texts or calls me first and our conversations are usually short. I know he works a lot and seems dedicated to his job but I think that if there was interest there, wouldn't he contact me? What do i do? What do you guys think?

I forgot to mention too the day i texted and he didn't answer, he posted on fb laster that night so he had to seen it right?


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  • All he's looking for is a fuck buddy plain and simple. If you want a relationship then look elsewhere.


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  • I had a very similar situation happen to me recently too and it's super frustrating. I hate when people can't just be upfront and honest. If you like me, tell me. If you don't like me, tell me so I don't have to wait around feeling like a fool. I love these unexpected people though so for your sake I hope it works out and he doesn't end up being a tool who only wants to hook. I've been there, done that and it is a sucky place to be.