I have been dating this girl for 3 months approx now, she is saying that she isn't ready for the relationship. is she using me?

she said that she isn't ready for the relationship as her last one ended badly, and she doesn't want the worry etc, going with the relationships. Please advise, if she might be using me, or doesn't see me as her man? lately she said that she found a second job, and that she works 7 days a week including weekends, leaving 2 evenings for us meeting each other.

what puzzles me is that she doesn't tell me what kind of a job is it, and when asking on if i could meet her after that job, she says that she doesn't want me to meet her... I wonder if she sees somebody else...


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  • don't focus on the term 'using'. focus on the fact that you know what you want and if she doesn't want the same, then you should move on.


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  • may be she's saying the truth, if she's a sensitive person.