Need help with this problem I care a lot about her?

I was seeing this women for about a month everything was great she would tell me everyday she missed me couldn't wait to see me so i was staying every wed and weekends then she wanted me to stay through hurricane author with her so i did it was a week bf i could leave she was out of wrk for a week out of the blue she was like u need to go home so i did she called me that night she was like i got a lot going on right now to do this us she wrks doubles a lot at a bar and is moving on top of it our friend said he said a little to her she said she loved me but was confused he said give her space


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  • Okay. Well if she says give her space, she's either saying, I'm making up my mind or slow down. Either way, keep your options open, because it does not always mean she'll say yes in the end.


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  • Just give her a lot of space and let her come to you. Some people just need more space or gets overwhelmed quickly by other people*


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  • She is sandwiched between you and her ex. She is not yet done with ex. You will need to have patience.