Dreaming about your bf's friends?

So I have been having dreams about my boyfriends friends.. it's not normal. I don't go to sleep thinking about them and it's not like I fantasize about them while i am awake but then I have dreams.. sexual ones. It's not that mine and my bfs sex is bad cause isn't not, it's beyond great. Not sure what to do.. help!


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  • My guess is that perhaps something is missing from your relationship with your boyfriend. It doesn't have to be the sex and it sounds like everything is fine there. But sex is the most intimate thing you can do with someone else and this could be your subconscious attempting revenge for feeling neglected somewhere by him. Maybe he spends too much time playing xbox when you would rather have fun with him together, maybe he only pays attention to you on his own terms and not when you need or want it.

    • Or doesn't pay attention to our kids.

    • another good example... I would try and approach him somehow so that your subconscious doesn't start to bleed more and more into your every day life. Of course don't tell him about your dreams but do address the issue of him trying to spend more time with the kids. Maybe even come up with an activity you know he will enjoy that might also include the kids. (:

    • My subconscious bleed into my everyday life?


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  • Have sex with them. I'm totally kidding. You're fine, do nothing, tell no one. Harmless as anything ever could possibly be. Means absolutely nothing except for that you are human.

  • It just means you have been seeing them and thinking about them often. Dreams are our brains way of processing information we receive throughout the day

  • UH... sex beyond great? No, I don't think so. Whatever he is doing is something your subconscious mind thinks they can do better.


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