Online dating resulting in weird feelings, how do I stop them without hurting him or myself?

Okay so I recently joined a dating website, I'm not going to go into great detail about the major problem but I'm speaking to a guy off there now. He seems great, we've skyped so I know he's real haha! We've told eachother some pretty deep and personal stuff and now I feel weird talking to him because he knows the most personal things about me :/ what's made this even worse is I've finally heard his voice and, well to put it plain and simply I couldn't listen to it on a day to day basis, not to mention for more than 5 minutes!
It's a serious barrier for me and now I want to try and put some space between us but how do I do that when he's put so much trust in me and vise versa? I don't want to hurt him but it's not fair to lead him on. How can I go about it? Sorry for the massive rant haha


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  • Just tell the guy your not interested in any relationship
    seriously your not ready for a relationship your under 18
    you need to concentrate on getting a education in school
    getting career minded, possible college minded, get job
    do stuff to keep your self busy to forget about the guy
    my niece is age 12 shy of turning age 13 she makes
    straight A's and is always on the honor roll all year
    around she is not allowed no boys to she is older


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  • Start talking to him about other guys you think are hot or are interested in. He will either get the message or say he thought you two had something. You just set him straight that he is in the friend zone and sorry if he got the wrong message but that is all you can be with him. You just don't feel that way about him, you like him as a friend and that's it. Sorry. He'll get over it.

  • I hope he doesn't have your number - just play dead. Play dead. That's what I'd do LOL!

  • Without even reading the descrip., I have an answer. Turn off your computer. As long as you don't get shocked doing it, it won't hurt either of you!!


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  • Be honest with him, sweetie. Tell him that although you both seem to have this chemistry and you really do like his company, you feel things are going a bit too fast for you and you would really only care to 'His voice'---------Once in awhile. A white lie to get you off the hook.
    Although he has put 'So much trust in me and vise versa,' it is better to tell him the truth Now, then to Continue the Charade online because you feel obligated or even that you're riding his pity wagon.
    It happens a lot online with these dating sites. That's why it's always Good to be able to see who you're Speaking to as to make up your mind whether or not you're going to---------Listen to Them on a day to day basis.
    Don't feel bad, sweetie, Nor even guilt ridden. Just part of the date mate game. And there's many more fish out in the 'Website' field.
    Good luck. xx