How have you known that you are falling in love?

What did you feel, think, experience?
How did you know you were falling in love? And did you think it was too soon in your relationship?


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  • it was a good feeling. I got hyper vigilant alot... thinking something bad would happen. But i cared about her more than myself. It was different than being friends, friends that you care about... i cared too much about her to worry about myself or other people (not in a bad way lol). And it was what i really liked about it. I thought normally obviously... but i didn't want her to leave... and i didn't want to go away either.


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  • You know you are in love when the thought of not being with your SO actually hurts you inside. When you think about that person no longer being in your life, pretend you never saw that person again ever, would you just go on without issue? would you mourn for a short time then continue with your life? or would it be like part of you died inside? So painful you almost wish you were dead. when it is like that then you are in love. it is like that person it your dominant hand... and without that person in your life it would be almost impossible to function and the thought of them not being with you makes you want to die... that is love..

  • To know you are in love is the same feeling if you know that you love a sibling or a parent. It's something that just comes to you and you'll know it when you feel it. But don't think your first love will be your only love. It's normal to fall in love many times throughout life.


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  • When you can't stop thinking about him night or day,
    When you start feeling like he is all you need to be happy, no other men will do,
    When whatever he do or said is so precious, you think about it over and over again without getting tired,
    When you are with him, the world doesn't exists just you and him,
    Feels like you want to hold him, take care of him, to never let go, thats how I know if am in love.
    The best feeling ever to be in love, make me a better person :)
    No it took 7 months for that to happened.
    I thought: He is so perfect I can't believe he is real and mine lol