If you were to cheat on your boy/girlfriend, why would you do it?

I'm just curious as to what motivates people to cheat. If you really wanted to be with other people, why wouldn't you just break up with you partner first? Why be in a relationship if you want to be single?


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  • I had a relationship with a woman who had a boyfriend. I was single, she was not. This was back in 2011. She worked at my local Best Buy store. I was instantly drawn to her, we had great chemistry. She was studying journalism in college and she thought I was an interesting person, so she asked if she could interview me for a college project. We had the interview over dinner. We really hit it off well, but I knew she had a boyfriend, she told me up front. But we just couldn't keep our eyes off each other. She told me she was a little unhappy in her relationship, and one thing lead to another, and we kissed and made out for a little bit. Then we began having a secret love affair. I was convinced I could show her I could be a better man to her, and meet all her needs, which her boyfriend was neglecting, and that is why her eye began to wander. She didn't know if she wanted to leave her boyfriend, she felt guilty. Red flag right there! I should have broken it off with her then and there... But I couldn't. I loved her too much. She was cultured, sophisticated, artistic, everything I ever dreamed of. I felt like my heart would burst if I couldn't have her. Long story short, towards the end of the year we got into an argument and that ended our relationship. I was quite devastated to put it mildly. I blame myself for succumbing to my emotions, but my friends blamed her more so because she was the one in a relationship and should not have cheated. In the end no one wins when someone cheats, someone always gets hurt. God I feel so terrible...

  • It's good that you are asking this question. I don't understand it either. A therapist told me that you shouldn't get married if you are not open to the idea of an open marriage. I asked her "why not just stay single then?". She didn't understand what sex has to do with fidelity and love. I'm starting to wonder myself, LOL! I still refuse to hurt someone like that. I would rather break up than cheat.


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