What would you think when you got this text?

I met this guy a few times (through friends) and we talked quite a lot in person (but aren't real friends). I get the feeling he likes me, but that he is a bit shy. I know he recently got a new job, so I was thinking of sending him a message something like; 'hey, how are you? How is your new job :)?'
I want him to know I am interested but also want to keep it casual.. what would you think if you got this message? I saw him one week in ago in person and we didn't talk afterwards.


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  • It sounds perfect to me :) Short and sweet... send it :)


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  • go for it, nothing will happen if you dont initiate conversation. if i was single, and interested, i would take the bait


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  • That's similar to what I always send and I think it works, but honestly if a guy likes you, whatever you text he's gonna reply lol.

    • probably! In case he was just being friendly though I wouldn't want him to think I am clingy/crazy or anything haha :p

    • Yea, it's good for both aswel, because if it's a friend or somebody you like, you always feel happy if they take in interest in your life events like new job, school, car, house etc...