Just had a great date, but I'm terrible with girls and can't think of any conversation starters. Suggestions?

So we just had our 3rd last night, and I've already used most of the conversation starters I can think of over a month and a half of daily conversation. I'm braindead tired because we were up drinking/dancing til 2am and I had to be up at 6am (which was the only reason I didn't invite her back to my place, she knew I had to work early).

She'd fallen asleep cuddling next to me while she waited with me for my train last night, which she didn't have to do, so I'd definitely say the date went well. Problem is... I can't think of anything to say today.



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  • If she likes you, she'll be happy just to hear from you. Just send her a good morning text, ask her how she slept, how her day is going, what she's doing, or tell her how your day is going. You can also send her something like hey I miss you or I'm thinking about you. ohh oh, you can ask her when you're going to hang out again


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  • Hey how's your day? I had a great time last night.

    For the sake of girls please text her. Not hearing from a guy after a good date drives us mad

  • I don't know maybe just say thanks for waiting for your train, and playfully tease her about falling asleep.
    Maybe say you're exhausted after yesterday and how was she today was she very tired like u or whatever

  • I love it when guys tell me a story about their day! Or if you're starting the conversation over text some times you don't need words! Send her a picture of flowers or a cute cartoon or something! Its sweet:)


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