I'm 20, my crush is 17 and just got out of a relationship?

So there's this guy (isn't there always?), we have some friends in common and have been friends on Facebook for a few months now, although we never really talked more than a couple times. I've always thought he was cute when I saw him around, but never really tried anything because he had a girlfriend. They were together for like three months, he proposed and she accepted but wasn't thrilled about it from what I gathered, and not long afterwards they broke up after a huge fight at a party we were at a couple weeks ago (supposedly she was annoyed that he was being a bit clingy). I randomly messaged him the other night regarding the lip piercing he posted about getting on Facebook (I was a bit tipsy) and we've kept up a fairly steady, two-sided conversation since then, each of us responding when we happen to be online. He even suggested that I go hang with him and his friends earlier today, which I couldn't do due to other plans. Clearly I'm not looking to rush things, as I just started accepting the end of my own (18-month) relationship and still live with my ex. I guess I'm just looking for advice regarding the age difference, etc.

td;dr: I like a guy who's 3 years younger and just got out of a 3-month relationship, I'm getting over a year-and-a-half relationship, not looking for anything serious yet but would like to see what happens.


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  • The age thing is nothing of significance. If you like him go for it. Just take it slow like you said.


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  • age difference doesn't matter.

  • Age doesn't matter. If you two really like each other, then go for it.


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