Will being a decent Salsa dancer and being a decent cook impress you ladies?

I recently turned 27 last month and I have never been in a relationship. I have been active in looking for a girlfriend (without showing that I'm looking for a girlfriend and without making it seem obvious that I am doing these things to impress her) by going to Salsa classes at Salsa clubs and learning how to cook. Realize that besides just impressing girls (even if that's my #1 priority), I'm doing it for myself as well.

With dancing, I am a hip-hop dancer (Popping, House Dancing, Locking) and I initially got into dancing to impress girls at this House club that I was going to on a weekly basis and I made a lot of great friends dancing. I still do it to this day and plan on competing sometime this year. The problem with Hip-Hop dancing is that it's totally male-dominated and most of the female dancers in there either don't like dating other dancers or they're taken. Hence why I've been getting into Salsa to meet women and to look for a serious dancer to date.

As for cooking, lately I've been getting into cooking because I had a female friend tell me that the best way to impress a woman is to learn how to cook and cook meals for her. Hence why I began learning how to cook. I'm doing the basics but am trying to move to bigger more complex recipes that will sure blow her mind away.

What else can I do to get a girl to be attracted to me or impress her? Also, what do you ladies think of a guy that can dance and cook for you?


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  • Salsa? Erhm, no not really. But I like the cooking part, food is greeeat!


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  • The cooking is a plus, the dancing is irrelevant. It's neither a plus or a minus. I rather have him be a bookwork or really intelligent.

  • Those things can definitely be big pluses!


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