What is the best way to hint you want to take things further and go on a date?

Okay so, this person that works in the same company, lives around 2 and a half hours away. I believe he may like me due to the flirting but I am not sure. What is the best way to get a response to whether he genuinely likes me? And what is the best way to indicate that we need to meet up and see how things go? Thanks


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  • You tell him, with words. Men don't get all the subtle hints of women. Please tell him directly. He will react to it. Otherwise you will come back here and ask why he ignored all the hints you gave him.

    • Tell him face to face, call, text? I don't know what's the safest option


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  • Be straightforward, guys like that, well, at least I do. If you really really like him, take the first step and set up a 'date' or meet-up!

    • My worry is that he doesn't feel the same and that I will get knocked back and make everything awkward because it would be so much harder to just remain friends... It always is

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  • Keep flirting and remaining open. Unless he's painfully shy, he'll make the move to meet up if he thinks it would be a good idea.

    • Or he won't take the move, it took about 5 years for me to take a move… And I'm not even that shy, or maybe…