I thought the date went well but we aren't talking as much. Should I be concerned?

Backstory - we've been talking every day for the last month and a half. We had date 3 on Friday and had spent most of the night dancing/kissing. I thought based on how the night had been going she might want to come back to my place, but she declined when I asked as we were headed to the subway. If she was upset by that though she didn't show it, and she even cuddled up next to me while we waited for my train. She let 2 go by that would have taken her home earlier.

Since then conversation's kind of died down. Granted, I know she was at a wedding all yesterday, but we've gone from 20-30 messages/day to about 4.

Should I be concerned?


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  • I wouldn't be too concerned. She is probably just too busy to text much. And she might have been uncomfortable with going back to your place in case something might... ya know... happen. Hope all goes well! =)


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