Have you ever had feelings for someone you met online?

If so, where did you meet him/her? How long was it since you began to fall for them? Did you meet them in person before/after/ever?


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  • it's hard to tell if you have feelings for someone when they never show up, and I'm talking about 250 different people so far, it's annoying, it's like, I wouldn't waste your time so wth...

    • 250 people?

    • you ask one person out on a date they do some game playing, not showing up, etc, then it happens again, and again, and so on with different people :(, what im saying is i have had feelings for others, but they couldn't be bothered to go on dates

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  • I've never met a person I had feelings for online, but I know such feelings are unlikely to ensue if I follow up IRL.

  • Yeah, many times. Only met once as distance was too great. It was for one weekend that was non-stop passion from picking her up at airport to dropping her off a few days later. Never saw again and fell out of touch. It was steamy though.


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