Is it okay to tell him I miss him?

There's this guy and we are talking and we were suppose to see each other today and he told me he probably couldn't see me tonight and he's really sorry. I texted back with a hint that it doesn't matter if it was late I would still go visit but it's okay as long as his situation was handled (he had something happen ) anyways I wanted to text him I miss you we've said it before but I didn't know how often can we say it or should I say it anymore since we are just talking hope it makes sense thanks !


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  • If you have already text him of your 'Hint that it doesn't matter if it was late' deal, then no need to text him until You hear again from him afterwards. Once he initiates another text, for it seems he had this pressing 'Situation,' then go ahead and just tell him: "I 'm sorry too we couldn't get together tonite. I missed you."
    If you have done this 'Miss' matter before, then no harm in doing it again. I don't believe you would have Mismanaged anything by just shooting this through.
    If you are just getting to know one another, after awhile, Anything you both would say would be a "Go" and wouldn't have to over think it.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yeah we started texting again and he said this to me "I'm really sorry. I feel bad that I haven't seen you much lately. I've just had so much going on. And yea we just don't want to cause any trouble in the community. " the last part like I mentioned earlier was about the problem he had. I know he likes me but I'm just unsure when and if it's ever going to be more and I want it to. In your opinion how long of "talking " does it take to get to being "official" thanks again for your answer earlier I appreciate it !

    • If you are Not 'Official' just yet, although 'Exclusive,' then by spending time together, nurturing and nursing what you have started, this will give you both a chance to know where this may go. I find many guys today don't want a commitment, and some not right away, some don't know when... It's hard to know how long, just keep getting to know one another and only time will tell. Keeping communication open is important, spending time together is also important. I realize you want more than you're getting, but if he's not ready, not sure when or if, then it will be up to you how long you would want to wait or just hang in there for as long it Might take. The ball is in your court. xx


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  • Yes it is. But only if you really do

  • Put it this way, if I was in a RELATIONSHIP with a girl and she texted me saying that she missed me then I would like it a lot and it would put a smile on my face because I obviously care about her and miss her too. She would then get a reply back from me telling her the same with a lot of kisses.

    However, if you're not in a relationship and only "talking" to a guy that you don't know that much certainly DO NOT tell him that you miss him. Chances are that it will sound weird regardless of whether a girl or guy says it. At this stage he'll be weighing up your personality and whether you're "normal" and making sure you're not obsessive, that's what I'd be doing. Saying you miss him might not sound weird to him but chances are it will. You don't want to screw things up. Save the sweet love talk for when you're in a relationship together.

    • Yeah I completely agree with your answer ! That's why I'm still acting myself but I'm trying my best not come off needy and don't want him to think I'm obsessive I just want things to work out how. Thanks again ! How should I respond to this last one he just sent me "I'm really sorry. I feel bad that I haven't seen you much lately. I've just had so much going on. And yea we just don't want to cause any trouble in the community. " the last sentence was about stuff he had going on that he told me about

    • Hey I just commented above… In response to his new reply… say "Don't worry, I've been quite busy myself anyway, in more ways than one haha ;) Anyway, I'm busy most nights this week but I'll text you to meet if I'm free at all".

      Even if he replies, don't reply back. Trust me. Leave it a few days (3 or more). If he does like you he'll be contacting you to meet up. If I liked you, I would get nervous from your response and try to arrange a meet up as soon as I could… the message sounds like you might be meeting/dating other guys but you're not specifically stating that. Plus he'll wonder what you mean by "busy in more ways than one" and since he's a guy he'll probably relate to it sexually or at least wonder/want to know what you mean...

    • Lol I texted something similar along those lines trying to play it cool. I know he has read it and hasn't answered back so I think if he does answer back then lll try the not texting back for 3 days thing and use the busy line you gave me to fit. Because what you're saying actually makes a lot of sense! You think the way im planning on doing it will still work just as well even though I should've waited earlier for your response thanks again !

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  • If you miss him then you should tell him. Relationships are ruined by people not saying how they feel.

    • Yea I think like that too but I don't know how he think of us like he likes me I know and he's always such a sport with me. So are we in the dating stage if it's talking and not official I'm always confused by that does that make sense thanks again for the answer !

    • You should always say how you feel/ what you think rather than playing games.

  • if you miss him just tell him you do , i dont think it really matters if you are just talking or not you can't help the fact that you miss him