Should I hang out with a guy that told me he likes me and has a girlfriend?

So I've know this guy for like 2 years now and we talk sometimes but we are not the best of friends recently he told me he likes me and I know that now he has a gf. A few days ago he was like hey we have to hang out. Should I be hanging out with this guy or is it a bad idea?


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  • If you are going to hang out, make sure you maintain that friendship boundary. How would you feel if the tables were turned and you were in the girlfriends shoes and your boyfriend likes her... so if you want to hang out that is fine, but keep it friendly... and if the boundaries seem to be getting hazy tell him your just friends while he's taken... or stop hanging out for awhile if he doesn't get the msg.

    • Ya you make a very good point if the tables were turned I would be very upset I'm just afraid that this guys gonna make a move or something and I can't handle myself or won't be able to resist.

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  • No that might tempt him

  • I wouldn't he might cheat