How can I stop waiting by the phone for a text from "him"?

Every time I like a guy, and we text, for example, I get a bit anxious sending and then waiting for a text back. I always wonder if they are even going to bother to text back, or if they will continue the flirting, etc.
How can I get a grip? I don't have much dating experience, but I am 28 years old, for frigs sake. I have a full-time job and am quite busy but in the back of mind, in the beginning stages of a relationship, I'm naturally unsure how it will go and don't want to get my hopes up. Then while at work, when I should be devoting my energy to that, I am constantly checking my phone as I am able.

I think I finally got the hang of texting. Once I got past the, Does he like me?, stage, I became a lot more at ease with texting. It's fairly obvious he likes me. We've been texting every few hours or so, less so at night which is fine with me as
I prefer talking in person anyway (and we have plans to meet up once our scheds clear up).


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  • This happens to me all the time. I'm a clingy type of person. I've been in a relationship for almost two years now and I'm 20. My girlfriend is the type of girl that forgets about having a phone and forgets to write back. So when we're texting and I don't get a reply back in 1-3 minutes even when the conversation is serious, I get pretty annoyed. I've learned to try not to expect a quick reply from her over the past few months, and whenever we're texting, I try to keep my mind busy, wether it's with work, studies, talking to someone else, or reading (mostly reading) unless I notice she is really into the conversation.

    • You're learning. That's good. Keep yourself buys. Yes.


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  • Get in the habit of not having expectations. That should be reserved for the business side of the world. Even if you feel it is rude for someone not to reply, that is simply a personal thing for you. Can't project your values onto someone else. Also, it might help to detach yourself from your phone, chat, and any and all other social media from time to time. You know, just unplug.

    • I can't seem to agree with that, I apply it to being a decent person to say something back.

  • Going through the same thing myself right now. I don't understand how people can lack that human decency to respond to a flippin message. I don't need a book, but seriously I've been away from the dating game for awhile now and coming back to it is awful. When you send a message you should get a response. Its not hard to simply say "thanks but no thanks" It shows a horrible lack of character. I texted someone over a day ago and still no response, a simple question "hey whats up, hows your day?"

    To answer your question after my long rant, you have to forget about it. I hate to say it because its like im giving advice to myself but you have to give up a little bit. If you have put yourself out there and shown interest and done your part, you must leave it.

    • I agree. I think it is rude if I send a text, and don't receive a reply. I've gone through that before, and I was thinking "Seriously? I send replies whenever necessary, particularly if it is a directed question. Can you not reciprocate?"

  • How can I stop waiting by the phone for a text from "him"?
    Throw the phone in a river.


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  • Its damn hard, but the thing I realised that, at least for me, I begun to think that I had to make my replys interesting and funny for him to reply and if he didn't then, all those damn insecurities start flying into my mind.
    But, some people are just not good in replying to texts, so make more opportunities to meet him in person and gauge how interested he is in you, so then you can make the decision on whether you should continue pursuing him.