I want to confess to a girl but she already knows I love her, her friends told her please help!?

I've had a crush on this girl for a while and I want to confess to her but she already knows because her friends told her! I don't know what to do and it's very hard for me! I know it's my fault though for telling other people.


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  • Have confidence don't tell her u don't like her when u do that will confuse her and don't deny it first u need to see if she likes u so when I see her stare at her and when she looks smile and if she smiles back approach her and tell her what u need to say... good luck


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  • here are a few steps:
    1. Deny the fact that you like her, and tell everyone that they have gotten the wrong person. This will make the girl feel more comfortable approaching you next time because you get rid of the "awkward" moment.
    2. DOn't speak to her quite often. Wait for months till everyone forgets about this matter.
    3. Start approaching her and express your kindness
    4. When you see signs of her that she's comfortable with you, and she's interested in you, go confess!


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  • Love is a big word