What the f@&k happened with this girl?

I really don't know how this happened but did. For one she's married, two we barely talk anymore. Please don't judge, it's going nowhere but now I'm seeking answers. This whole thing happened over the course of a year. We work together and when I first started I noticed this cute girl staring at me in meetings. I didn't think she was all that at first, but I noticed she got my attention by the way she'd flip her hair around until I looked at her. I also noticed we were running into each other all the time and she would never really talk. One time she came back to my office and asked me a random question and just lingered in my door way. So I stop her one day in the hall and her face turns deep red and she stuttered she was so shaken or nervous. After this she was following me into the hall in the morning and we'd walk and talk. This would happen almost everyday for like 4 month but she's disappear on me occasionally and have some lame excuse as to why. At this point I had started to like her much more. She's cute, shy, and innocent this must be why i fell for her. So overtime I became frustrated with how she would go missing and come back. I started to ignore her and act off. Then she'd come back then we'd repeat the cycle over again. I talked about the hot intern around her to make her jealous. I noticed she'd flirt with my buddy sometimes right in front of me sometimes she'd watch me. I felt like she was moving towards him over time, last Christmas I ignored her for almost 2 months. My buddy tells me that she has been walking talking with him everyday like her and i used to. Which made me upset. I starts talking to her again and she feel off of him. He even mentioned how she did.

So he's gone and it's weird between her and I. Awhile back I started skipping lots of our group lunches bc I didn't want to be made jealous. She has skipped all of them the past 7 mos, except when I was out of town.


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  • Sorry but this situation sounds familiar to a couple of other questions that were posted, aren't you married too? You shouldn't be chasing after married women its not right she's already proved to not be loyal what would you want that for anyways

    • Just want to know why she's acting this way?

    • I understand but its been some time now I mean you have your own thing going on and so does she there's nothing going on but flirting take it for what it is and leave it be you're there for work remember


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  • Going for a married woman is always going to end up terribly for someone.
    It sounds like she is just stringing you along, and sadly, you're following (meant that as nicely as possible).
    If she has no problem flirting with guys while blatantly staring at you, it mustn't be hard for her to do it;
    A) behind her husbands' back and B) to make you want her more.
    That's why some girls flirt in front of someone, to make them so jealous, they want you.

    Good luck


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  • It sounds like she's just a married woman flirting with her coworkers. Just try to forget about whatever happened in the past and if you do talk to her do it as a coworker -- nothing more.

  • why bother? she's married distance yourself from her and treat her like a work colleague if she was actually intrested and unhappy with her marriage, she would end her marrige and be with you. Move on there's plenty of single girls out there.